birthday under a bridge

June 3, 2018

Every Sunday, foreign domestic workers, mainly Filipino expats, flood the streets of Hong Kong's downtown core to enjoy their day off. This particular church group decided to celebrate a birthday underneath their favourite bridge near the Botanical Gardens. They call themselves The Botanical Family.

Jovy Rola, second from left, is celebrating two significant occasions: her 49th birthday and her last Sunday with The Botanical Family before moving back to the Philippines.


Peminda Alipio, 57,  helped establish The Botanical Family, which is also a group of practicing Nazarenos. The Nazarenos are a small sect of Christianity that originated from the Philippines. They believe in the hand-healing powers of mediums.


One of The Botanical Garden's mediums, right, poses in front of flags for the Unión Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, a Christian organization that the Nazarenos are a part of.


Oliva Ochona, 55, prepares pancit on a portable stove. The Botanical Family brings food to the bridge every Sunday.


Some of the classic Filipino dishes served under the bridge include nilagang baka and kare-kare, all accompanied by a mountain of white rice.

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